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Philo Brathwaite Slow Motion05/22/2012
Nate Sexton Slow Motion05/22/2012
Michael Barry Slow Motion05/22/2012
Micah Dorius Slow Motion05/22/2012
Jeremy Koling Slow Motion05/22/2012
Dave Feldberg Slow Motion05/22/2012
Cale Leiviska Slow Motion05/22/2012
Golden Gate Back 904/27/2012
Waller and DeLaveaga highlights04/29/2012
Flak part 2 - Frame, putter pocket, etc04/27/2012
Golden Gate Front 904/23/2012
mrpbody33 from Reddit/r/discgolf03/14/2012
My nice Drive at Ryan Ranch03/13/2012
Ryan Ranch Triples Part 403/13/2012
CSUMB Doubles - Part 103/20/2012
CSUMB Doubles - Part 203/20/2012
Ryan Ranch Triples Part 303/11/2012
Ryan Ranch Triples Part 203/09/2012
Bakersfield Highlights04/08/2012
Derek Treelove02/26/2012
Crazy fence shot02/29/2012
Jake's Putt02/29/2012
Ryan Ranch Triples Part 103/05/2012
Nate Doss Slow Motion01/30/2012
Drew Highlights from Waller Park01/31/2012
Mother of all Rollouts02/24/2012
The Fam At Heilmann12/21/2011
Heilmann Highlights Holes 10 1812/29/2011
Hielmann Highlights Holes 1 912/29/2011
Jon Slow motion and a nice putt01/03/2012
Waller Park Doubles Part 101/15/2012
Waller Park Doubles Part 301/15/2012
Waller Park Doubles Part 201/15/2012
Ryan Ranch Doubles Part 511/25/2011
Justin in Slow Mo11/22/2011
So Close11/27/2011
Ryan Ranch Doubles Part 111/25/2011
Ryan Ranch Doubles Part 311/25/2011
Ryan Ranch Doubles Part 211/25/2011
Ryan Ranch Doubles Part 411/25/2011
me slow mo11/22/2011
Scott In Slow Mo11/22/2011
Jake In Slow Mo11/22/2011
Rex In Slow Mo11/22/2011
Brian In Slow Mo11/22/2011
Kevin's Putt09/15/2011
End Of The Trail Classic 2011 Part 109/04/2011
End Of The Trail Classic 2011 Part 209/04/2011
New Camera Test11/18/2011
Ryan Ranch Nov 19 2011 Part 111/19/2011
Ryan Ranch Nov 19 2011 Part 211/19/2011
Rick's Putt09/15/2011
me at the park09/14/2011
The boys messing around at Heilman09/06/2011
Sick 80 ft putt by Shasta Criss09/06/2011
MVI 0252 Jakes Almost Ace08/15/2011
My birdie drive08/11/2011
Ryan's Drive08/10/2011
Santa Mario Open 2011 Part 507/31/2011
Santa Maria Open 2011 Part 407/31/2011
Santa Maria Open 2011 Part 307/31/2011
Santa Maria Open 2011 Part 207/31/2011
Santa Maria Open 2011 Part 107/31/2011
2017 PDGA Masters Worlds Round 5 Part 1 (Bainbridge, Schultz, McCray, Moser)08/19/2017