Finishing Off March

Only four weeks left to earn points for trophy tags.  The weather is warming up and with better weather comes better turnout, and with better turnout comes more points, which means it is still anyones game.  Will Mike N take the cake for the 2nd straight season?  Or will we see a surprise end of season run?

Congratulations to last weeks CTP winners: Mike F and Matt C.  The discs were donated by Brad M, special thanks, Brad! This week's CTP on hole #4 is a brand new, Innova Blizzard Champion Boss -- weighing in at a heafty 156g.  Many thanks to the Kamm's from Midwest Disc Golf for the disc donation.

Blizzard Champion Boss

We are expected to be in the 50s this weekend!  

There are no local events so come on out and see us, ace pot is up to $126!  Tee off at 10:00AM.  


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