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Sunday September 11th at The Oaks in Mokena, IL

Format: Best disc doubles - 21-hole Big D course featuring 6 combined holes and two extended holes

Entry: $10 per team ($20 for non-PDGA members)

Check In: 7:45-8:45am

Players Meeting: 9:15am

PDGA Info: C-tier

TD: Bruce Brakel



Course: The Oaks, Mokena, IL

A PDGA C-tier Best Shot Doubles Tournament

Trophy-only Entry Fees
Pro Teams - $10 per team
Am Teams - $10 per team
Proof of current PDGA membership or $10 nonmember fee required
If either partner is a PDGA professional, rated at or above 970, the team must register as a pro team.  
All expenses, including the course use fee and PDGA fees, have been covered by sponsor added cash.  Payouts will be handled as a side game.  See below.
Check-in: 7:45-8:45am
Players meeting 9:15am
The lunch break will end 1 hour from the last card being turned in. Don't be late. We will get started on time.
The awards ceremony will start as soon as possible.
The tournament will be played on a 21-hole Big D course featuring 6 combined holes and two extended holes.  
Side Games:
Optional $5 Per Team Eagle Pool.  An eagle is two under par.  The course will include several par 4 holes.  The Eagle Pool will be awarded in equal shares per eagle and will be awarded to the team to be split 50/50 between the partners.
The Hula Hoop Game.  There will be ~18 hula hoops on the course.  If a competitively thrown disc lands in or touching a hula hoop, the team is eligible to win an edible prize baked by Diana.  To claim the prize, the team must then pick up the hoop, carry it for the rest of the round and turn it in to the hula hoop prize czarina.  This game is included with your entry fee.  
Cash CTPs.  The entry fees will fund cash CTPs on the course for all players.  
Optional Flight Awards.  The field will be divided into four equal sized flights sorted by combined team rating.  You may enter the Flight Awards game at $80 per team or $40 Half-In per team using IOS Half-in rules.  Assuming a full field with full participation, the top four teams in each flight will receive a graduated payout. 
Grab your phone.  Call your partner.  With the Flight Awards side game, anyone can team up with anyone, and compete in the flight indicated by their team rating.  Dana can team up with Ashley.  Brett can team up with his dad.  
Cashless Pre-Reg:
I will be taking cashless pre-reg from teams where both players have a PDGA rating.  To reserve a place by cashless pre-reg one partner must post on this thread their team in the following form:
Rating--Player Name--PDGA#--Pro/Am--Team Rating
998-----Dana Vicich--26228----Pro
791--Ashley Gilbert--46857----Am-------1789
So copy and paste that but substitute in your information.
I'm filling to foursomes with no floaters.  This will fill.  Don't delay.
Note: Because cashless pre-reg can be a little soft, I might fill to foursomes plus two floater groups.


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