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Saturday October 20th at PJ Irvin Park in Bloomington, IL

PJ Irvin Park Bloomington, IL

Entry: $5

PDGA Info: Non-sanctioned


Course: PJ Irvin Park, Bloomington, IL

PJ Irving Park Five Disc Mixer-Uper Challenge

Date: Saturday, October 20th 

Time: Following the ace race

What: One round 18 holes. Everyone starts out with five discs of their choice. You will then be playing against one other person with a similar average. Whoever has the higher average gets an extra disc for the difference in averages. 

Example: Joe with an average of 56 is playing Stan with an average of 58, Stan gets to start the round with 7 discs and Joe starts the round with 5 discs. Stan gets two extra discs because there is a two stroke difference in averages. 

Start the round as normal... whenever someone wins a hole, that person gets to remove any disc they want from the opponent's bag and add it to their bag (that person may not use the opponent's disc, unless the opponent says it's o.k.). Person with the most discs in their bag at the end of the round wins. All discs after the round must be returned to their owner.

Example: Joe (w/ 5 discs) and Stan (w/ 7 discs) start the round... they play hole 1, both get par and nothing happens. On hole 2, Joe gets a birdie and Stan gets a bogey... Joe won the hole, so Joe removes one of Stan's discs from his bag and puts it in his. Now Joe and Stan each have 6 discs in their bags. They continue the round and Joe won a total of 5 holes and Stan won a total of 3 holes. Joe wins because he has more discs at the end of the round.

Note: If it comes down to where one player has removed all of the discs from the opponent's bag, then the player with all the discs decides which disc the player will use on the next hole.

Cost: $5, details below. 

You will only be playing against one other person, but you will be placed on a card of four. Each card will have a CTP, so the CTP will be worth $4. 

Cost details:
$5 total
- $4 to payout
- $1 to cash CTP

Winner receives $8 and CTP gets $4

The round shouldn't take too long; we'll start one hour after the ace race so everyone can get something to eat.



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